Professional niche web developer/programmer located in Bekasi Indonesia by utilizing PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, AJAX, CSS, CSS3, (X)HTML and HTML5.

7 Basic Development Rules

genuine, object oriented, scalable, compliance, speed, efficiency and security.

From the Scratch Policy

Employers need custom applications. There will be no heavy content management system or open-source software or frameworks such as WordPress™, Drupal™, Joomla!™, Magento™, Moodle™, jQuery™, MooTools™, Django™, Ruby on Rails™, Zend Framework™, etc able to completely accommodate that requirement.

Employers deserve to obtain a certain set of rights for the application they bought including resell it. No unnecessary lawsuit.

Everyone who deals with web application expect a secure application. A "from the scratch" and "custom built" application would provide it since no one using it before especially when security is seriously considered as a basic necessity.

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